Pattern Matrix, Dont Colour The Whole Block, Only When Playing.

Well, it might be a bit late to suggest this now, but i think the pattern matrix could be a little easier to understand if the boxes were coloured only when there is raw sound being played (raw meaning without the DSP chain affecting the colours)

For instance if a vocal starts late into the pattern it would only be coloured from where the sound is started.

And if a drumbeat is cut half way down the colour should be too.

Its the first thing i noticed when i started using this brilliant new feature and i think this idea will help with visualising the track which is what the matrix is all about.

while i don’t think coloring the patterns late is the best idea (could get messy?), i think you’re entirely right that the pattern matrix is about visualizing one’s track; right now, it’s terribly missing the point.

No. Right now it’s already serving this purpose.
I agree that it’s not the ‘real thing’ as opposed to other sequencers arrangers, but to be honest I get a great overview of my projects with matrix and it makes it much easier to arrange…

Some of the songs i am working on use fairly long acapellas, it IS important to see in the pattern matrix where the vocal is still playing, if it is triggered on pattern 1, i think the colour should fill the blocks until the vocal stops.

I dont see how this would be messy at all, of course it would have to be quantisized to some extent cos there isnt 64 pixels in each block to display all the lines.

I wonder where this frustration comes from. The matrix totally missed the point for you it seems. You’ve expected something completely different? Its not useful at all to you?

Would be great if you could give us some thoughts on this…

i think the pattern matrix is a massive positive leap forward, my initial thoughts were about the issue i mentioned, if there is someway in the future the pattern matrix will show in detail where a sound is playing , not just a lit up square on the trigger notes, it will become more visual like in other DAW’s

This part is where you would then also be dealing with a normal arranger and it should then work as what is expected from an arranger. Additional ideas how to give this more advanced arranger approach shape are welcome.