Pattern Matrix Gains Focus With "lock Keyboard Focus" Enabled

Hi and thanks for this new release!

It looks like the pattern matrix gains focus even without pressing the ALT key. This is not the case in 2.7.

Is this on purpose? This can be interesing at times but is confusing, imho, since it is not consistent ( is true).

Is there a way to either fix this or have an option in GUI preferences for the other behaviour?


This is how it worked it 2.6, it was changed in 2.7 after much discussion and it seems the Devs decided to change it back again for one reason or another…

Haven’t been that bothered by it, but is teh behavior toggle-able?

How about complaints?

You change something there are always complaints.

When Matrix was first introduced and was the only area that stole focus there were complaints.

When it was changed to not steel focus there was also complaints.

There has already been a handful on complaints that it’s reverted once again.

If you can find a way to make changes and not get complaints off anybody then I will take a photo of my on my knees holding a banner saying “All hail vV for he is surely the one true Master!”

I would love it if Renoise could support a global focus mode in which all UI elements have focus instead of a subset. There’s already overlap between the pattern editor and the pattern matrix (e.g. command/ctrl + up/down vs up/down). I often find myself accidentally pressing page up/down while the focus is still on the pattern matrix. It could be just me… but I can’t seem to get used to it :)

Well, the overlap shortcuts are actually local assignments of the same keys to functions elsewhere.
If you would like to change a function of specific keycombinations to prevent accidental modifications you can do this in the keyboard preferences.

I know. The fact I mentioned the overlap of functionality in the default keybindings was not meant as a complaint. I merely wanted to indicate that some of the same functions already can be performed from both the pattern editor and the pattern matrix, so why not provide (an optional) mode in which the full UI has focus?
My problem would also be resolved if the “lock keyboard focus” would behave as it did in Renoise 2.7. Most of my actions in the pattern matrix are mouse actions anyhow. Could you please add the option Breakthru was mentioned to make it really lock keyboard focus like in 2.7?

Much appreciated :)

Would toggling the “View -> Lock keyboard focus” option help? or is it enabled and doesn’t it respond to how it used to be?

When “lock keyboard focus” is enabled the focus does not change from the pattern editor to any other windows except for the pattern matrix. That last part is inconvenient. So if the focus would always be only on the pattern editor and only changes on a ALT + click I would be very happy. :)

Ah yeah, sorry i see what you mean. I currently made it a habit to keep my hand at the [Esc] key which instantly jumps back to the pattern editor when required and i have gotten so used to it that i didn’t see the problem at first…