Pattern Matrix Immediate Switching As Rw Slave

DOUBLE EDIT: Just saw sync modes in the prefs- and the dropouts were my audio card.

When I run Renoise as Rewire slave, there are audio dropouts when I switch patterns immediately in the pattern matrix. The dropout also affects the Master application’s audio stream. I know it’s not the most resource friendly activity, but it’d be cool if there weren’t dropouts. Maybe it’s my setup Live 8.2.6(master), Renoise 2.7.2(slave), xp sp3, core2duo at 2ghz, 2gb ram, novation nio 2 4 @ 24/48.

EDIT: Well it’s not so much a dropout as it is more of a juggle. Upon further review I’ve realized that triggering a new pattern sequence(via scheduling or immediate) causes the master to restart from a relative start point-1.1.1, 5.1.1, 17.1.1, etc. This occurs with or without follow player position enabled. When follow player position is enabled, the up and down arrows or mouse scroll wheel can freeze/stutter/juggle/dropout when either the pattern sequencer or matrix has focus. When the pattern editor has focus It will stutter, freeze, fast forward or rewind. I understand why it affects Renoise like this, but find it odd that the master relative clock is also affected. It’s as if the slave patter sequences control the master’s clock. Maybe that’s just standard rewire behavior and I just never noticed. Also the pattern sequence loop will affect the master’s clock duration- but in Live for instance the clips will play longer than the clock. ie a 4 bar sequence in renoise will loop live’s clock for 4 bars, but a 128 bar clip will play in entirety just fine.