Pattern Matrix Modifications

The addition of the pattern matrix in Renoise 2.5 was awesome, and I feel the pattern matrix concept could be expanded on slightly for a serious increase in potential.

Allowing the pattern matrix to be morphed/crushed so that users have the option of stacking patterns in the pattern matrix on top of each other rather than as one, long, horizontal chain would make the pattern matrix much more versatile as a tool in music production and performance.

Not only would this give you a better view of the pattern editor whilst allowing you to keep an eye on the matrix, but it would also increase the potential of Renoise as a live-performance tool. Controllers like the Launchpad, Ohm or the Monome could be used to turn on/off patterns, and the patterns could be represented as a grid corresponding to the layout of buttons on controllers.

Has this been suggested before?

What do you folks think?

Sorrt, I’m not quite following you there - what do you mean by stacking patterns?

Well, try to hit CTRL+M and you’ll see that every position in the matrix is MIDI mappable. And it get’s even better with the next version featuring visual feedback (also known as two-way communication). Then, the controller will update it’s LED lights when you change something in the Renoise application.

But for now, if you stick to a simple 8x8 matrix, everything should be fine ;)

Show me the link where any member of the team has confirmed we are going to have MIDI Feedback in 2.6 and I’ll be a happy man (although hints at further MIDI advancements hopefully includes this.)




You see?

Sorry, I understand that each clip can be turned on and off using MIDI commands from a controller, but currently there’s no way to arrange the clips in a way that mimics the layout of the controller, so that it’s easier to keep your mind on which button is linked to which clip.

Let’s say for your performance, you create 1 pattern of 64 tracks of 64 lines represented as a single horizontal row of 64 clips in the pattern matrix. To begin the track you un-mute the first clip in the row using your controller. If your controller is a single row of 64 buttons it is going to be simple to keep track of your clips and the buttons they correspond to, but if your controller is made up of 8 rows of 8 buttons with a total of 64, turning clips on and off becomes much less fluid.

Currently in order to create 8 rows of 8 in the pattern matrix you must create 8 separate patterns with 8 tracks each, but these patterns cannot be played simultaneously, they must be played one after the other, which works fine if you want to use Renoise as a step-sequencer, but not so well if you want to use a controller to play any of these 64 clips at any time.

I understand that it’s still perfectly possible to play out an entire track on a controller as Renoise is currently, but being able to customize the arrangement of clips in the pattern matrix so that the clips that make up a pattern can be stacked on top of each other (the representation of the pattern in the pattern sequencer can be stretched vertically to accommodate the increased height of the pattern as it is represented in the matrix) would make it that much easier.

Sorry again, I should have taken more time to write my original post. It wasn’t very clear what I was suggesting.

Is that clearer?

Edit : Also I meant to call the topic ‘Pattern Matrix Modifications’ >_>

WICKED! Thnx for the midi-feedback heads-up!

Well, it would be a surprise for me as well. I know it is on the wishlist and Taktik has referred a couple of times to it, but i didn’t noticed any specific version reference to it.

It’s not confirmed, no - you caught me making unfounded assumptions. What I meant was “when” Renoise get this :)

I hope Danoise is caught speaking before his turn and Vv’s attempt to keep it a surprise :)