Pattern Matrix: When Increasing Slot Width, Slot Is Turned 90

not a biggie , but still…

if you increase the slot width in the Pattern Matrix, after a certain size all slots are turned 90 degrees Counter clockwise

Thats meant as a small feature. Seems you don’t like this?

ah ok, just didn’t make sense to me, especially that when track is playing all the cursors also go left to right in all the individual slots.

what was the thinking behind the feature?

I like it, imagine it as reading patterns as a book from left to right.

Having such wide slots else makes no sense, so if thats totally useless we should avoid that they get that wide and then also not swap the direction…

No no no! Keep them, they’re cool :)

It caught me by surprise the first time I noticed it, but I thought it was pretty interesting to see. Perhaps it should be possible to choose the direction manually, instead of it automatically being one way or the other based on size?


seconding “keep them”!

The slots only turn if they become wider than they become large.
You can influence this by a combination of right-clicking the zoom buttons and left-clicking the zoombuttons.
I thought by default this does not happen if you would only use the left-click procedure. Once you have used right mousebutton as well, this option becomes available.

it doesn’t really matter to me, as i usually keep my slots small anyway.

only thing i think why it could be better to not turn them is that if you do decide to make them really big and wide and the slots go down, you might be able to see positions of notes as they relate to other slots. … perhaps.
where as i see no use for it going left to right apart from it being surprising.

If it ever should happen in the future that the pattern matrix could become its own window or full screen or something then it does make sense to be able to make slots big and to be able to see note position in the slots and perhaps even that you can enter notes as well in that view , then surely it should just go top to bottom?