Pattern Names

are u following? please!


yup, me’s wanting them too… :D

i think of this as more something that would ‘interest’ me than please me :P

but i’d like to see it

it would be interesting

I never actually thought of it, but that’s a great idea. Give the song some more organization when you have many patterns down and then can distinguish them -

01 00 - Intro
02 00 - " "
03 01 - Blah
03 01 - " "

That way there wouldnt be the time waster figuring which parts to repeat. Do I want 10 or 14 here? oh wait… what were they? Let me listen to each part.


i kind of touched the subject a while back……be3d07c56cacfa8
but I guess it’s coming something of the sorts (with the arranger…)
I hope… :D