Pattern Organisation

I have been using Renoise for about a year. But one thing keeps bugging me.

How do people organise their Patterns. Quite a few example I have seen all seem to have them written in numerical order. So do people plan everything out before starting to that level of detail ???


Have a good read through the documentation to learn about the extra features of the Pattern Sequencer. It’s possible to give your patterns meaningful names rather than just numbers, and it’s also possible to automatically sort and clean things up to keep it tidy:

Right Click The Pattern Sequencer -> Sort & Delete Unused Patterns. Ordered patterns is probably more due to this than anything else.

Workflow wise, sometimes I start by making loops then I work on blending them together after the fact. You can work on sections of patterns easily with the “Looping mode” - explained in the URL dblue linked above.

Thanks for that dBlue and Conner_Bw. I ought to read the manual