Pattern Position Tool Missing

A while ago I was messing around in renoise and I wasn’t paying attention for a little bit. I must have pressed or clicked something by accident because some of my tools are missing now. I have a picture showing what it looks like now. I’m sure this is a silly beginner question, but its been bugging me for a long time now and I’m not sure what to do.

You might be either missing these:

Or in the Options Menu there is a “Autocapture Instrument from Pattern”. If it has a check-mark in front of it, select the line to uncheck it. (Redrop the menu to see if the checkmark disappeared)

The only thing that looks different is that you might have had a button next to Beats/minute for linking it to an external device. This is only present if you have selected a midi clock slave under Preferences/Midi.

Apart from that, I don’t get what is meant to be missing.

Thanks for the replies. I finally noticed that bar at the bottom of the screen. It was the step length tool. I found it and I can use it again. Problem solved.

For the next time: Simply use ctrl+0 to 9 (upper number row!) to change the edit step position manually…
In that case, whenever this option moves again, it doesn’t bother you because the shortcut does not move ;)

By this you mean you upgraded a whole version??
How did you not realise this? Surely the last time the edit step was at the top was 2.1