Pattern Scrolling Can We Have It How It Used To Be

When programming a column using the ‘Edit Steps’ i would much prefer it if the player bar would jump back to the top of the pattern or carry on looping (ala 1.281) or at least give us the option if this is the supposedly ‘improved method’

Its becoming a pain to keep scrolling the player pos bar back to the top with pageup and pagedown on heavy effects programming

Am I missing something ?

Do you mean that you want to wrap the patterns again?

Try press [Shift+ScrollLock] to enable/disable this function.

didn’t even notice that yet, but i second that - it’s really a bit odd, that by default the editing will be halted at the bottom of the pattern and won’t jump back to the top automatically as it used to be in 1.281.
an option deciding about this behaviour would be nice definately.

it’s not really a solution to the above mentioned, but you can use POS1 and END keys, too - might be more comfy ;)

AHHH i see no my mistake there is a button that lets u decide what method you prefer
it becomes apparent when you press shift scroll lock
thanks !

ahh, thanks pysj :)

keith303 respect !! i remember you from the bulletin boards scene
i used to love your chunes, just checked out tha website some real memories there

I made a few songs for Plate Steel Productions while they was around in Fasttracker 2