Pattern sequencer loop shortcut only activates on top pattern

In the Pattern sequencer (left side of screen) there is a loop function at each pattern, that I can click with mouse to loop a pattern. Looking through shortcuts tells me that Ctrl+L also does this (when the pattern sequencer is in focus of course). But it only activates the loop function for the pattern at the top. I would have expected that it would enable the specific pattern that is selected. What am I doing wrong. Is it a bug or am I (still) an idiot?

If your window is high enough for your selection, use a continuous selection:

  1. click
  2. Press and hold
  3. Drag up (or down)
  4. Release the click


For a much longer selection (exits the window), use the Control key:

  1. Click on a slot
  2. Then [CTRL + Click] on another far away.

I advise you to use the mouse for this type of operations. It is faster and more comfortable. If you use a laptop, buy a mouse and avoid complications.

Here Ctrl-L (when the pattern sequence window has keyboard focus) is mapped to ‘Loop Selection’. (Ctrl-B is begin selection and Ctrl-E is end selection.) Here if I create 7 patterns, move to sequence 1 and press Ctrl-B, move to sequence 5 and press Ctrl-E, it makes a selection of patterns:
Then pressing Ctrl-L:

I forgot about this tool :blush: Maybe you are interested: