Pattern Sequencer Loop Size And Location

I’ve been thinking about how Renoise could be used in live situations, like a lot of people here.
Thinking of how pieces of equipment like the electribe work made me reflect on how the pattern sequencer works.

Maybe there’s already a way to do this, if so I didn’t run into it yet, but I did read the manual a few times.
I’m aware of the block loop feature but it applies only to a single pattern.

If you could have midi mapping for the functions:

  • Change pattern sequencer loop size(Rotary or Slider)
  • Add a sequence to the loop(Trigger)
  • Remove a sequence from the loop (Trigger)
  • Move current loop forward, (and put the first sequence of the new loop in the play queue) (Trigger)
  • Move current loop backwards (Trigger)
  • Move current loop one cycle forward(If the loop is 4 patterns long, then move 4 patterns forward) (Trigger)
  • Move current loop one cycle backwards(Trigger)

Essentially, these commands would change the size and position of the grey boxes representing the loop in the pattern sequencer.

There could also be cue points, so you could jump to different pre-determined parts of the song.

We could then easily, without touching the mouse, and without the risk of activating the wrong sequences or moving blocks around by mistake, move around the sequencer during a live perfomances.

Maybe this already exists somewhere and I didn’t notice it? Or maybe it has been already suggested! Or maybe there’s even a workaround.
What do you think?

Here’s a picture of how it could look like:

The image looks nice and clean, i somehow miss how the cuepoints relate exactly, but i suspect you mean that the loop-nodes change when shifting through the loops.
There is a cue-number that lacks to make it really visible which loop you are programming or recalling.
And if implemented, how would that fit seamlessly into the design of a full arranger where perhaps snippets should be played?

Well, the cue points were just something that came to my mind while I was writing the first post.
I thought it could be part of the pattern sequencer, but that would make it impossible to set a cue inside a pattern…
I’m still trying to figure out how to make that theoretically possible.

A left-click on one of the cue buttons would move the sequencer’s cursor to that position, and a right-click would bring up a context menu.
The options I added in the mock-up are pretty straight forward, maybe there could be even more interesting features.
The cue points would be independent from the loops.

I’m not sure of what you mean, though, vV. A full arranger?

Edit: Maybe somehow you could have a parameter for each cue point that would allow you to start the cue point X number of lines after the start of the pattern?