Pattern Sequencer / Matrix

Is it somehow possible to select multple patterns and duplicate them in renoise?

Would make song build up a lot more effeicient for me, i’m having trouble there.

In pattern sequencer duplication only seems to work below the current pattern (for only one pattern that is)

i’m trying to figure out what to do if I want to have a pattern from the beggining of the song at the end of the song (duplicated)

there are 2 ways i found out to achieve that, both seem somehow too long to me.

copy paste in pattern matrix e.g. 4 patterns to 4 empty patterny only works if these have set the same lenght.

and in the sequencer you can duplicate, then delete and go to the position you want the duplicated pattern and insert…

hmm. something that bugs e since using renoise for many years now

What about just selecting the patterns you want to duplicate and Ctrl + dragging them to where you want them?


thanks ;)

it works with alt+drag and drop here, but you just made a man happy

Also there’s a keyshortcut for the Sequencer area, “Pattern Sequencer:Edit:Insert Repeated Selection”. This will duplicate your selection in the sequencer.

(This I mentioned, because you noted that it can only duplicate ONE pattern. This will duplicate all selected patterns.)

Ah. Figured it was one of those. Glad to be of help. :)

i couldn’t figure out that one yet, but trying to

You do know the Sequencer and the Matrix are different areas, each of which can have Focus and has its own keyboard shortcuts when focused?

Something additional you might find useful: You can make broken (non-continuous) selections within the Matrix by Ctrl+Clicking on blocks. Then you can copy matrix blocks to a new pattern in one go even if they are not next to each other.

Yes Ctrl makes copies, Alt makes ‘aliases’ or just instances of the exact same pattern (like pointers)
so Ctrl is fitting if you still want to make changes like add a master volume’s fade out at the end

These my friend are called 'SHORT CUTS ’