Pattern Sequencer Tricks?

Hello, everyone! I try to make more 8-bit NES-style video game music on Renoise and I came across a bit of a problem…

In one of the piece I created, repeating the entire piece works by how I make the ending interact with the beginning as it loops again (as how some old Gameboy vgm does). However, in another piece, there’s an introduction and then the actual piece begins and I want the piece to loop from the end to the beginning of the tune, not the intro.

If anyone’s used MilkyTracker, there was a command for the end of the pattern to jump to another and loop indefinitely from there. I can’t seem to find a way to do this in Renoise. Is there a way to do this or have I lost all hope in life?

-Allan V.

In Edit view check FX commands.
ZBxx for jump to next.

I’d say it’s easier to “grey out” the fields between the sequence number and pattern number in the pattern sequence matrix. It will loop the grey so all you really need to do is to make all the patterns except the intro grey.

Do I need to hold ‘shift’? :huh:

Oh. I found it. Just click and drag. YAY. :drummer: