Pattern Sequencer

Oy, this time i actually used the search button and nothing showed up some im continuing with this post. U cant stop me!

anyways; what about making the pattern sequencer a tad more organized? Like in fruityloops when you got the “play list” its much easier to set up patterns than go about remembering and sorting like you need in renoise. I dont know if this is a valid function for anyone except me but after using fruityloops for making nice “ts404” sequences, i’ve grown quite fond of the function as it really makes it easy to expand a song(rather sequence as i have never used fruityloops to make actual songs, amen) without loosing sight.

fruityloops playlist editor if u didnt know it already, where the x line symbolizes time and y is the different patterns…

disclaimer: I take no responsability if this has been posted before, and by reading this you cant complain to me either.

Have you searched for the term “fruity loops” ?

to me, this way of arraging your patterns is WAY more complicated than what we have today.


im not talking about using the “playlist” function as a replacement for the actual pattern overview when your tracking, im talking about using it as a final mastering device.

And no i didnt search for fruity loops, would probably generate too many strings.

nice, i like this arranger allready me thinks.

i would use this feature. especially if you could navigate to different points in the arrangement using pattern commands. like “pattern break to arranger-step”