Pattern Speed

I was wondering if someone could explain the pattern speed function to me.

ie. I want to have the pattern speed a little fast because I want to add a fairly fast beat to a 113 bpm sound loop. so if I were to do it at speed 06 it won’t work.

Just want to know how many lines woud make up a beat on the various speeds, or the math to calculate it myself.

A simple explanation:
The beats the tempo (BPM, Beats Per Minute) refers to consist of 24 ticks.
Each line has “speed” ticks. So with a constant speed of 6, four lines is one beat, and speed 3 gives 8 lines per beat.

If you use VST(i)s with tempo syncing, the above doesn’t match what’s sent
to the plugin. This is a long story I won’t explain now, search the forum for
more info if you need it.

thanks, thats exactly what i was looking for!