Pattern Triggering on Beat

Hello All,

I am still getting my feet wet in renoise from ableton and I was wondering if there was anyway to trigger patterns on say a 1/4 note or 1/8 note instead of having to get to the end of 1 pattern for another to play. I have looked and cannot find a simple solution, though does anyone know if this is possible using duplex?

I like the idea of using renoise live, and then using the scroll wheel over the pattern to “tracker scratch” like a vinyl almost, but then would like to trigger another pattern or the same pattern again on the beat.

Also I toyed with the idea of using OSC and another clock to stay on beat, but this sounds over complicated and I am looking for the simplest answer.

Thank you!!

Either you can queue up the sequence to play next, when the current one has finished, or you can change it instantly. There is no mode to sync it to the beat and switch mid-pattern but not exactly when you trigger it. I think trying to realise this through the scripting language would always be a little bit of a bodge as you would have to be repeatedly checking the play position once the trigger has been received. Still it might be workable enough for what you want…

Technical restrictions limit us from doing this in a 100% reliable manner.

To be able to schedule pattern playback in terms of beats and bars, you’d need to know the time exactly before the change should occur (in a 64 line pattern where you are at line 15, you would then change playback to the last line - e.g. 63 - and then, the next line being playing would be 1)
But the Renoise API (currently) has no “this line is playing” notifier, we can only listen for pattern changes. And since it’s not running in the realtime thread, but in the (slower) UI thread, trying to eavesdrop on the line which is actually playing isn’t precise enough. When playing patterns really fast, you might only be able to sample every 7th line or so.

The Duplex Transport app jumps through all manner of hoops in order to achieve what it does. Even if what it does feels quite basic (realtime navigation between pattern of varying length), trust me, it isn’t :wink: