Patterneditor improvements

I just came up with an idea that I think would solve the master/send track positioning problem
discussed in another thread, and at the same time be useful for other purposes:
horizontal split-screen pattern editor (like in some text editors).

The keys needed for this would be:

  • Open a new split screen
  • Close the current split screen
  • Tab to next/previous split screen
  • Resize current split screen +/-

This would also be useful for editing normal tracks that lie long apart in the pattern.
Do you agree this would solve your problems?

Additionally, ks and some others wanted unlimited-length patterns some time ago.
This will be difficult with the current code, but I’ve thought of another possibility that
I think solves part of the problem.

When at the top or bottom of the pattern, the previous/next pattern is simply drawn
continuously above/below the current pattern. This could be drawn in a shaded/different
color, or there could be a separating line to show where the pattern ends. Then there
would be options for how cursor movements would wrap around the pattern edges,
so everybody can be happy :)

What do you think?

hmm… maybe there could aslo similar but vertical split screen for vertical piano-roll as well. i personally don’t like piano rolls, but some people can’t work without…
about send/master tracks, i think it’d be nice to make one more button tab “mixer tracks” as well.

sounds like modplug’s patterns showing, that’s idea is good, but anyway i think it’s doesn’t solve pattern max lenght problem. i don’t need unlimited lenght, i need max 0100h, maybe 0200h…

these are two absolutely great ideas, especially the second one. I would love to see it done.

I just want to second the 100h-200h comment… I don’t need anything longer than that :)

Personally, I didn’t like the way buzz works, with the long “masterpattern” and then small minipatterns. It’s just too long – I like to jump through them and find what I want.

So, yes, 100h. :)

ok, then we make it 200h max ?

“200h lines should be enough for everyone” :rolleyes: