Patterns Are Bleeding Into Another One After Eachother!

Just started using Renoise today, its amazing compared to the others i have to use at college( Cubase, Reason, Ableton) but i have encountered a crippling probelm.

When i play my set of patterns they just bleed over eachother after one pattern has played like some weird feedback , im just so confused because now i have a seemingly blank pattern block that has a random load of breakbeat in!

please help me



can you please upload an example XRNS file somewhere so that we can check waht you are doing wrong?

i tried to upload on soundclick but i couldnt get it to convert to mp3 because Lame and Razorlame wouldnt install( razorlame downloaded as an mp4 and lame downloaded as a winzip file which i cant use anymore)

hmmm is there a place where i can upload the raw renoise files?

sorry im so bad at this


send it to it-alien at renoise . com

ok i attached it in an email to it-alien renoise com, hope u get it

btw love that jazz piece youve made


dude, you shouldn’t write his complete email address, a spam-bot will pick it up and start mailbombing him. ;)

oooooooo crap i didnt know that was why he wrote it out that way
im a complete beginner at this kinda stuff
awwww mannnnn


thanks, I’ll give you an answer this evening

I think you are referring to the pattern 5, labeled as “#drum intro”, which has no notes but still contains sound. this is because the samples which got played in the previous pattern 3 labeled as “drum intro” are looped infinitely.

if a sample is looped, it will stop only in one of the following cases:
a] a new note is played on the same column where the looped note is being played and NNA for the sample is not set to “Continue”
b] a note-off, which can be added to a column using CAPS-LOCK key, is put on the column where the looped sample is being played
c] a volume envelope on the instrument tells Renoise to stop the sound after a defined number of ticks

also, try starting the play directly from the void pattern: you will see that none of the samples of the previous pattern will be playing.

I will mail you back a fixed version using case b]; notice that pattern 4 starts with some “off” signs which stop the looping samples.

thanks alot mate made my day
nailed the OFF thing now and thanks a bunch for sending me it fixed