Pattern's Default Lenght

How can I change the default length of new patterns, it’s kinda annoying to always change the patterns length in 80lines from 40lines… I normally use speed of 3 with pattern length of 80 lines.

Help! thanks :)

You can’t do that yet but.

You can double click on the patternlength to enter a value then clone the pattern.

Too bad… :(
but thanks for the reply, that is still somewhat better workaround than changing the length of every pattern everytime.

The feature can’t be too hard to code though? I hope it comes soon. :)

you can create a song with a lot of void patterns of the desired lenght, and then use the “Config->Misc->Save current song as default song” option:

next time, you will have that song loaded at startup

forgot to say: use LCTRL+LALT+LSHIFT+F1 to clone the void pattern rapidly