Patterns Longer Than 512

we have unanimously decided that patterns longer than 512 lines is very much needed!


yeah I can see people running into difficulties using an utterly insane number of Lines Per Beat…

wouldn’t be hard to implement unlimited pattern size would it? would 1024 line patterns be enough?

Haha. I thought about the exact same number. ;)

Anyways, I think I’ve read (or even asked) this before + a better/larger 09 control would be cool.
Something like 09BA24, etc…

1024 is still even too small… To be honest no limitations at all would be best.
Think about it, working on LPB 8 you need to sync everything the double. I can’t imagine people working on LPB 16… or even higher?

In my opinion LPB can even go away, and it would be better to be able to zoom-in or something alike… :)

I use 24 LPB and a 192 pattern length as my default for 4/4 time and I think it works out great. :huh:

What’s the problem with just using more patterns?

Well, i hope the pattern zoom will resolve a lot of issues in that regard, frankly this is an indirect request for pattern zooming which is on the todo list…