Pause/continue Key, Unexpected Behavior?

That’s not a bug brought with 1.9, but I was to lazy to indicate it before that day.

The Pause/Continue key shortcut works correctly until you go in Record mode, then the shortcut no longer Continues the playback from your currently selected row, but from the position where it Paused the last time you pressed it. Wich is unhandy.

Just to clarify: this happens if you stop and input some notes, not just from entering the record mode.

I guess this behaviour could also be useful to go back to hear what you just recorded.
But unexpected… yeah, probably. Even tho there’s the line that indicates where it stopped.
Workaround: press Esc before restarting. I guess you already know this tho…

You also have a “Play from cursor” command.

Pause/Continue should, well, continue where you paused if you haven’t changed the playback position.

I don’t really care though. Fine with me to change it or to leave it as soon as we all can agree on something…

No need to input any notes for me to get that behavior.
I guess that too, it could be useful in some situations, but not most…

I know, but the Pause/Continue is just what I need most of the time.

So… Anybody against that change I’m asking for ?

how about hitting the enter on cursorpos before hitting continue?

Oops, you’re right.

For the record: I don’t care if this behaviour gets changed or not. +0/-0 from me. Sorry… ;)

Actually I’ve modified the default shortcuts, thus I don’t know what “Enter” does for you. But my answer would be the same I guess : The Pause/Continue hotkey is already implemented and it has an unconsistent behavior that have to be fixed anyway (i.e. that’s abnormal to have a different behavior wether you’re in record mode or not.)

Mmh, I’m sure some people like the “Play from cursor” current behavior and wouldn’t want it to pause when they press it while the song is playing back.
What if you added that “Pause/Play from cursor” hotkey ? (And then, you would need to make the “Pause/Continue” shortcut play from last stopped position when not in record mode.)
Edit : Nevermind, I thought that “Play from cursor” jumped back to the cursor if you pressed it many times but it actually does nothing when the song is playing. Then I’m ok for what you said Bantai.

PS : Actually, I wonder how many people ever go to the hotkeys config page. :rolleyes:

Ok :)
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