Payment Gone Wrong


I just realised that hey, now I got some extra money on my account… Why don’t I finally buy a full-featured Renoise?

Well… I did the credit card payment through swreg just the way it should be done. But it looks like something went wrong. I don’t have a REAL credit card, mainly because I’m a student and I don’t have enough income. But I’ve used my electron-card in several webstores, and it’s been working just fine. ( for example)

After I clicked that Submit Order -button, it took a while, and then the system told me that It couldn’t make the transaction because of my not-a-real-credit-card.

And after that I checked my account status just in case and WTF?! It was 58.74 euros short… bloody hell! :blink:

Right now I’m way too tired to even try that swregs troubleshooting-thingy. Maybe I’ll just go to sleep and wake up to a better world. Maybe a toothfairy or something will bring me my own copy of registered Renoise :D

your issue sounds pretty bad to me. perhaps we should phone / meet online tomorrow to solve this ?

If you did not recieve any registration confirmation mails i would recommend contacting SWReg which handles the money transfers and accounting tranfers when you purchase renoise :

If you would like to discuss it personally, drop us a mail with your phone number or any im screen name.

I think this is not so bad after all. The payment is only reserved from my account, not verified. And SWReg does not have any kind of knowledge about my order when I query it with my email-address. does not give me any kind of result with my card number either.

This kind of thing has happened before, but the reserved money just became back a lot faster. That’s why I’m a bit worried right now.