PC freezed Then Renoise Colors Changed?

Hey all. I had renoise 2.0 loaded, then it crashed. I restarted it, and all the colors changed from green to blue. Also, I’m noticing more clicks during playback, and some of my vst’s (abl2) aren’t loading…anyone experience anything similar? And btw, I am unable to rescan and have abl2 load.

Any idea how to fix this?

Could give us some more details about what exactly happend, why it crashed? For some reason your old config file seems to be somehow corrupted, so Renoise switched back to the defaults. I guess you have to manually reconfigure it now…


I was transferring files from a faulty external hard drive - the usb cable continually connects and disconnects the drive. In mid transfer, the external hard drive disconnected, and made explorer.exe hang. I brought up taskmgr.exe, to try and close explorer.exe, which I did, but then taskmgr.exe would not respond, and just sat there covering all my windows. Further pressing cntrl-alt-del did nothing, everything became unresponsive, so I had to do a hard reboot, and hold the power button down. Renoise had been open when I did that. When I came back, the problems were there. I have even reinstalled, and still the colors are the same. I reinstalled my vst, and it works properly now, but how can I be sure there aren’t any other errors that I am not noticing?

The thing is, that isn’t default…and never was last written config either. Also my list of recently opened and recently saved songs was lost.