Pdc Render Solution!

So, I was reading the latest PDC thread, and came up with this simple idea.

Of course, if PDC was implemented, this would not be necessary, but for the time being I think this would rule!


When you render audio inside Renoise, and plugin delay is an issue, there is a gap at the start of the new rendered sample.

It has to be removed to make things tight again, right?

Well, how about a feature that automatically measures the plugin delay of the entire DSP chain of a track that is to be rendered, and then slices the exact amount of milliseconds off the front of the resultant sample

That would be good for me.

NOTE: I just realised, this would only work when rendering single tracks as audio. Multiple tracks with different plugins would not be possible (unless the tracks were summed first, taking into account the plugin delay, and then combined as a whole track, free of delay)

Any thoughts?

Only thought is. When someone has to write some code into renoise, then there is no point in writing anything else than real PDC.

The thing is not all that complex to implement. It only requires some planning.