Hi to all.
Maybe it is stupid a little, but I questioning myself about PDC in Renoise and how it is calculating.
PDC windows has this lines:

— Song’s total/max generator latency: ___ —

Active instruments compensation delays:

— Song’s total/max FX latency: ___ —

Active track comensation delays:

How one should calculate the overal delay of whole project from this info?
For example - if I set the audio buffer to 256 samples (what gives about 5.33 ms at 48kHz), has a vsti (shows 256 samples too), has a one insert effect from UAD dsp (shows 320 samples).
Is overal delay a summ of all delays at this PDC table or a maximum value from all values?

I thought to remember that the PDC is adjusted to the slowest factor, which could be a VST instrument, or an effect plugin or perhaps a midi device that you manually have set the delay for. Soundcard its output latency is always the bare minimum afaict.

Also note that some plugins don’t report their latency or do not report the correct latency, so these plugins cannot be properly compensated

From what investigation I’ve done into plugin standards, some (if not most?) require a plugin to report it’s expected base latency value. From here, it’s simply a matter of adjusting the relative delay between tracks given the cumulative track latency. The more plugins one has in a track which report a delay (look-ahead compressors, filters, eq, etc) the higher the overall latency. If I’m off, someone please correct me.

[Edit]: vV beat me too it, perhaps I should read all the text.

So total latency will be as much as the most loaded chain in the project (vst or effects chain)?