Pdf Manual

  • To make a manual in PDF Format.
  • To make a PDF manual in French version.


are you trolling ?

If you know a good tool that translates the printable website generator into a PDF format that creates a good indexed PDF that also Mac users can read (using their so called inbound PDF reader utility) i will try.
I made a PDF edition in the past for Renoise 1.5 which did not seem to work out for Mac users.

A French edition is welcome, if we can find a Frenchman who has time to translate the documentation.
We had one offer from someone who volunteerd to do the French edition for 1.8 back then.
You can find the result here:

Also the Italian translation was offered by a volunteer:

Currently Google translator would do a faster job on this occasion.
So here’s your perfect French edition of the 2.0 beta :P

Hi vV,

I thank you for answering me. I converted to PDF manual for the version 1.91 of Renoise (with good indexed). Please can you test the file for MAC users ?

I would like to translate the documentation in French but it is hard to find a free time for me :frowning:



I can only suggest to post the link to the PDF edition…
I don’t own a Mac, but many other users do.

I know that Google Docs can output PDF documents just fine, and support collaborative (shared) documents.

How about using that for writing the documentation?

Google docs is nice for small conversions and small documents building, but its import functions are way too limited.
I do not intent to start from scratch using a webbased engine.
I have a good link that translates the existing site to a complete printable document.
The most fastest way for me was simply using the PDFwriter as a printer driver and then print the contents to a PDF file.
There are loads of plugins for PmWiki to output wiki pages to a PDF page, but not all include images or deal perfectly with the printable page.

To have the document indexed, i have to use special tags which is probably a lot of work i cannot circumvent, but i’m not going through all that trouble if 33% of the Renoise user-base cannot read the document in their native PDF reader.

Another site that works quite quickly:
Insert this line:

But the output does not work as fine as with the HTML documentation.


I would like to send for you the PDF Manual for Renoise v1.91 to know your opinion… I use Adobe Acrobat 5 + Acrobat Distiller 5 for editing/making PDF Files…