Peace In The Wind

…or maybe stranger in the wind.

This is Work in proggress. I need to add, some thunders in backround, some nice wind chimes maybe some rain. But i wanted to describe something. Hills few trees, small house, incoming storm and closing stranger (the melody), who is outside screaming at first and then he comes closer talks, but still wind is stronger, then he enterns house.

Simple melody, simple production, simple story.

Personally I would leave it like this. No thunder or chimes. It’s clearing my head. Added you on soundcloud :) Very nice!

Thx for listening, Im glad you like it. I will consider suggestion about no thunders etc. Just keeping it simple :)

I really like this. I agree that it sounds great as-is, but I think your ideas about the thunder and chimes would definitely add some drama to it. I look forward to hearing the final results!