Pearl Fumes (Work In Progress, Renoise 2.5.0 B8)

after about 10 years without tracking i just started to love it again. Renoise 2.5 is very promising too!
Pearl Fumes 0009 (w.i.p.)

i still need more practice though…

10 years, eh? Still got skillz.

Intro filter sweep is nice.

The bass notes are also nice, but sound a bit loud on my system.

This might be a style difference, but I think the whole piece would sound more interesting if the bass deviated from the rhythm of the higher part more than it does. As it is, a lot of this piece has a sort of “in and out” feel, with neither part filling in the gaps left by the others. Nevertheless, it’s certainly an effect, and I’ve heard some popular bands do it, so whatever.

I think you nailed the drums pretty solid, if the bass came down a little I imagine they’d sound pretty killer.

As nonoteven says, 10 years eh? You haven’t forgotten your old ways.

I guess it’s not supposed to, but it CAN NOT end after 2:10… I was just getting in the mood :P