Peech Vst

I just downloaded Peach VST. It’s a VST that simulates the sounds of Nintendo consoles. Very funny thing :) I sat 4 hours here and fiddled around with it. That’s the result. I’d be happy about your comments.

edit: Peach, not peech slamming my own head against the wall

Hehe… Bubble Bobble :D. Nice nice. :) Caugh Super Mario Land, is what I meant to say… :S

holy crap!!.. 4,5 megs of lo-fi nes crap samples :w00t:
I’m speechless…

Jeh very nice VST. There is another Nintendo sound VST named Toad.
This one is more percussion oriented.

these good vst’s are found on

Be shure to try their Mellotron Vst also named Tapeworm.

Hehe, very nice! Super Mario Land for the game boy is such an AWESOME game!

Listening to the song on Renoise, on repeat of course, while writing this… I could listen to this song forever… And i just might :rolleyes:

Awwwwww… :wub:

Hey everybody, thank you soooo much for your nice comments!!!
I don’t know, if I had already bothered you with this one, but here comes a little bonus. :)

Just made a “little” minimal ambient trip of your bonus, gilli… :P
Used your OGG as a sample, added various fx to one channel and played around with the keys (well, 4 keys actually) and some faders. Done in one take.

Leech here my friends!!

I was laughing my ass off for two minutes solid when I saw THAT song playing in renoise. I was expecting a mario “influenced” song, not an almost perfect rendition of the real song. Good job.

Thank you, Kizzume :)