people who still compose in old skool trackers

hello … i was wondering if there are people here who still use modplug tracker , milky tracker , impulse , fast and so on…

i moved to renoise in 2009 after many years with impulse tracker and modplug tracker … the trouble is that i have many many sketches in IT format but for some reason i just don’t feel right to finish them in renoise…

did you try finish old mods in renoise? do you still go to this old skool trackers for nostalgic moments?

I use millytracker more than i do Renoise. That might change now that Renoise is also capable of vibsweep.

Importing xm projects in Renoise seldom leads anywhere for me.

nice chiptunes man , i had feeling you are into mily tracker for chip music, almost all of the clips i saw in youtube of milky are showing chiptunes

I use Milkytracker only if i have to do a native 4-chan mod project.
But getting good resampled iff-samples into there is pretty much hell if you want to get a good sound out of it.

I often use Schism Tracker, which is a remake of good old IT.

I used to use Digibooster Pro on the Amiga.
I uses it till 2002 when I thought Renoise was mature enough.
I imprtorted all my .dbm files but most of them are just sitting and waiting on my hdd.

I would like to go back to Digibooster. But I don’t have the hardware anymore to read the original disk.

drips, dunno if it helps but modplug tracker can read dbm files

“true” tracking… a lost art? :( :_( i sure miss it… :unsure: :(

Looks like no one is interested anymore, in what we were able to do with our 64kb of memory and pure talent… :( :(

(sry, listening to some really old mods right now)

yeah i know the feeling … i miss the days when everybody could share music and see others
secrets" and original ways to lift their music… i think that the death of traxinspace was the death of mod tracking as we know it

Really? I felt traxinspace held mod tracking down while ‘producerz’ beat it to death with trance mp3s.

i think the core of the site was mods, the mp3 always sucked there

Could be, man. Maybe should have gave it a chance. I was generally on mod archive, which is still :walkman:/>.