'Per Column' Effects

A hopefully useul idea occured to me just now. How about being able to choose which columns to assign effects from the track DSP to?

For each effect in the track DSP chain you could have x number of buttons to enable/disable the appropriate number of columns. I found the need for it when using a bank of keyboard mapped sounds, but didn’t really want to create another track just to lose a delay effect for one occasionaly played sound whilst keeping it on the remainder.

Any thoughts peeps?

Do you mean multiple note columns inside of a track? That would be interesting, however I don’t see it happening. I mean, what’s another track anyway? You can collapse all the stuff you don’t need, you get all your effects columns devoted to that ‘rarely played sample’ just in case you want to go nuts with it out of nowhere while continuing the other samples unscathed…essentially, I think it’s use would be really limited and too specific for most situations…sorry bro, I gotta give it a—


Would per-sample or sample group effects solve your needs? Then, see XRNI future thread and cross your fingers.

I highly doubt this is ever really doable. Effects are now processed in one chain if you want this idea to become reality, DSP effects have to be divided into sub-chains which in turn may become an un-overviewable mess for you as user and no practicle overview what is actually processed in which order. You also get timing issues where you want certain effects to start later.

I’ld rather have effect chains per instrument which has been suggested many times as well.

I see what you’re getting at and yes, per-sample fx would solve the issue for RNI banks, but not for mapped VSTs. I guess if you use ‘VST to RNI’ and had this feature it would then be ok and make a lot less mess in the DSP chains. I’d be happy if either were possible, and per-sample would clearly be the better option. I’ll give myself a -1, and per-sample fx a +1 :)

Who says effects in the instrument would not be made mappable?
VST instruments are a separate topic though, you will never be able to split the instrument other than using its separate audio output streams.