Per-instrument default volume/velocity

I think this is kind of a missing feature in Renoise - a default volume for each instrument. That is, what volume/velocity each note will play if the volume column for that note is empty. This would be very useful for instruments with velocity layers such as piano, “real” drums, etc…

Yeah…this would be very handy…used to use this back in the day with…was it impulse or schism? my memory is all mixed up.

In that regard, you can just set the volume level of each sample or the volume level in the volume envelope for that.
But i suspect Centipus aims on levels that run free of those parameters. (a sort of default gainer on instrument level)

You’d just end up lowering or raising the volume of the whole instrument. Even if there was a per-sample default volume, it wouldn’t work with velocity layers, since which sample(s) played gets selected depending on the volume column in the pattern data.

I can’t keep slamming around with this expression enough i notice…:RTM…mple_Properties

“When multiple samples are loaded into an instrument, it is the properties of the currently selected sample that will be edited.”…ument_Envelopes

“To the left of this is the “Map Velocity To Volume” button, which will, when disabled, always play the sample at full volume. This can be useful when mapping samples which are already sampled at lower volumes.”

Yes, i know about that, but afaik it still doesn’t give us a DEFAULT volume/velocity for the instument (not for all samples) - ie. notes in patterns without a value in the volume column will be played exactly as if they had this “default” volume.

If i have, let’s say a piano instrument with 3 velocity layers,

layer A from volumes 0 to 30h
layer B from volumes 31h to 60h
layer C from volumes 60h to 80h

…and i want all notes without volumes to play, by default, at 50h - that is, the samples from the middle volume/velocity will be played, at the normal volume they would for that velocity. Then if i add volumes outside of range B (31h to 60h) in the pattern, those other layer samples (A or C) will be played instead.

The thing is, when configuring instruments like this, the volume column in the pattern data becomes more of a “velocity” column.

The volume column is a velocity column.
You can easily use the button for keyboard velocity?

I have never seen any sample-library plugin supporting this kind of feature either.
I can promise you, Impulse tracker neither Schizm tracker offered any more fancy option than Renoise currently does and i know Impulse Tracker by heart because that used to be my #1 tracker before i changed to Renoise.

That Vel->Vol button for the selected sample layer zones is what you have (yes you can really apply the Vel->vol option fo any single velocity layer, which means:not every sample).
Then you can also set whether vol/pan/pitch envelopes are applied for selective velocity layers, so I don’t see any other way to accomplish this besides either spread different group of samples across multiple instruments, or simply record the sample with the specific velocity.
There are choices to make, imho you can go really quite far in one single instrument. Any lower level control on pattern level simply means creating more instruments with specific groups of samples.

I think if ever an idea like Patterns inside instruments is pulled from the ground, you could do anything you desire inside instruments.
Perhaps rebump the pattern instrument thread?

Doh, you’re right! IT has default SAMPLE volume, not default INSTRUMENT volume!!! That’s where i got mixed up.

Sorry for the confusion :D

(still, i think it would be a great feature, and really simple to implement)

I think it’s uncalled for, really. You can adjust PreFX volume in any track?
I still don’t understand why you would want to trigger a velocity other than 80h when there’s no info on it in the pattern.


I think I understand what problem you are referring to. Sometimes when you edit a pattern or play by your computer keyboard, you get bothered by the velocity being at maximum (as an example)?

There is always the “default velocity” button in the pattern editor, but then you would have to change this value whenever you switch to another instrument, right?

It should be fairly easy to script a tool that changes the “default velocity” value to a per instrument setting. The setting could be stored by adding, for instance, the phrase “DV: 60” to an instruments name. Whenever that instrument is selected, the pattern editors “default velocity” option will change to 60.

Let me know if I got you right on this. Otherwise just ignore me :)

It’s actually a really good idea when you formulate it like that! :D
Let me get on that.
(only think i hate about it, is converting decimal to hexadecimal and vice versa :P)

Well I’m doing it :) I’ve thought of adding a bunch of other features as well.

joule: that would be awesome… let me know how it goes :D