Performance with a Midi Pedal

Howdy Folks,

I’m wondering if I can accomplish something with Renoise. I have a Midi Pedal. It sends program change messages. I’d like to have a setup where I can use this pedal to control Renoise during a set to minimize the usage of the computer keyboard. What I’d like to be able to do using presses of the footswitch:

  1. Change songs (i.e. map program change messages to different Renoise song files)
  2. Start songs (preferably with an optional fade in)
  3. End songs (again, with an optional fade out)
  4. Switch between sections of songs. One particular scenario that’s interesting to me is being able to stay in one section of a song indefinitely until I want to move to the next. For example, at the start of a song I may want the intro to loop while I prepare to play or perhaps during a solo, I’d like to be able to stay in a section and then move on when the solo is done)

Are these sorts of things possible? If it matters, I use Linux.

Addition note (added via edit): Is it possible to trigger scripts via MIDI? That might be a way to accomplish this… I see there is a load song available in the Renoise scripting…

Unless you use some software to translate Program Change messages into CC or note messages, that would rule out using the built-in MIDI mapping dialog in Renoise. But you could perhaps use something like PD to create a simple translation patch?

Alternatively, it would be possible to use a Renoise tool like Duplex. Duplex does understand Program Change messages, and have a number of applications that can pull off various things. It does not do all of the things you mention, though:

Sounds like a cool “broadcast engine” type script. The looping part itself would be pretty simple - looping a single pattern can be done via built-in MIDI mapping, or by using a tool like Duplex Navigator. Looping the section can be done too, but not via built-in MIDI mapping (seems like it simply is missing?). Anyway, this is possible via tools, too.

But it makes me wonder how you would expect to do all these things from a single foot pedal ?!

You do not ‘trigger a script’ as such - any script running in Renoise will live for as long as you have Renoise open. The script can be dormant, invoked by a keyboard shortcut, or listen for a specific condition to be met. Very flexible stuff :slight_smile:

Can you point me to some info on how to loop a section using Tools? That would definitely be a useful one. Actually, even if it could be done via an API call, it might be worthwhile to know.