Permanently Removing A Single Pattern

Is there a way to permanently remove a pattern, rather than just removing it from the playlist? I find that when I “Clone and add the current pattern”, and then decide I don’t want it after all (selecting: “Remove the current pattern from the sequence”), that the pattern is invisible, but still in memory. Proof of this is you can still navigate to the number of pattern and see it again. Naturally, I start to build up loads of unused patterns (many, but not all of which I don’t want).

Please don’t recommend to “Delete unused patterns”, because there are many ones I would like to keep, even if I don’t have them in the playlist. The reasons being:

A: For bits of tunes which I might eventually develop.
B: An old version of a pattern to see how it used to sound.
C: A pattern full of experimental chords/rhythms which I can insert in other patterns at any time.

Well, they always remain in the song, even when not used.
But they don’t use much space.
Adding a new unique pattern will always produce a higher pattern number unless the highest used pattern number has been emptied before using that action.
You can either clear the pattern contents and add it as a clean pattern in between two patterns if you want that or just use a new pattern.
In the end you can always use the “Sort Pattern sequence” to get a straight upwards counted pattern sequence and have a neat arranger view.

Okay thanks - that’s what I feared. Basically, even if it does only use little space etc., it still means extra house work to clear the pattern, when I’d rather a button to just delete it from the playlist, and clear it out of memory completely at the same time.

Maybe I should recommend it to the features list - are others bothered by this, or is it just me?

Yes, sometimes it’s actually for me too

But in this case you can remove the necessary pattern by mistake. It’s dangerous.

But won’t the “delete all unused patterns” delete them out of memory?

it does, but Twinbee explicitly did not asked for that suggestion in his first post.

I need to stop breezing through the posts. :lol:

Nope, you’re not alone. ;)