Perpendicular mouse movement to sliders

This is a clever trick used in Pianoteq with sliders. Clicking and moving the mouse along the slider works as expected, but moving the mouse perpendicular to the slider (that is, vertically if the slider is horizontal and vice versa) allows for fine-tuning of the value.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but you can already CTRL+Drag sliders to make fine adjustments. Have you tried this yet?

Quite a neat one handed solution though!

It’s definitely an interesting concept, but I’m wondering how well this actually works?

I don’t have Pianoteq to test, but while dragging up/down to make fine adjustments, how the heck do you avoid accidentally dragging left/right at the same time and thus overwriting your fine adjustment?

In order to avoid false detections in the movement – ie. to avoid left/right clashing with up/down – I’m imagining there might be some kind of dead zone where a few pixels of cursor movement are ignored? Is that the case? How do their sliders actually feel and respond while using them? Is there any kind of lag or weird fuzziness to them?

Very curious!

Theyve got a demo, Ive not tried it in a while, but I may give it a whirl later.