anyone wanna share pictures of thier pets…
heres my dog called “Bella” :D

Awww. Bella is a heartbreaker!

Here’s mine, her name is Solbjørg, but we just call her Puselusen :)

Sweet creatures!

Here is a picture of my cat, his name is Balu. He is always disturbing me when I sit in front of the PC and he loves to fight with the other cats in my neighbourhood.

I also have a cat (actually my girlfriend has), but its very stupid and annoying so I wont take a pic from it.

the problem is that we are its 3rd owners, its 4 years old now and it has some very bad habits that we can’t teach away anymore. (like puking in the hallway, jumping up on shelves and dropping glasses and other stuff down several times, making very loud noise at 3am in the morning and such crap). also we have a huge backyard, cats paradise, but its too afraid to go out there. so it just stays inside doing stupid things.

this is my cat

her name is “cannelle”
but we called her “pepette”

:) :D

This is NOT my pet called Shelob, I don’t have a picture yet. I took that one from the net, but mine looks exactly the same. The alternative for people who are allergic to everything else… ;) she doesn’t come and play with me but she’s cute anyway :rolleyes:

orange-kneed tarantulas look so cuddly :)

they’re not though :( (or so i hear)

ANYWAY. MY PETS. well, the family pets. and they live at my mother’s house, not mine. but they’re my pets cuz they’re super-friendly to me. :)

sorry about the quality; most of these were taken with my webcam.


the ‘dumb blonde’ of our cats. very pretty and affectionate, but completely clueless.


the ‘loyal hound’ cat. basically a friendly, reliable dog, but in cat form.


big handsome black panther cat. the biggest, most muscular domestic cat i’ve ever seen. unfortunately he’s a bit unpredictable; he can be acting all friendly and then suddenly do this to you (the picture didn’t turn out very well - by the time i got to the camera i’d already healed a lot). and then continue being friendly. and then get pushed around the room by my foot and locked outside.


the mother of the other three cats. she is very strange and eccentric, and often sleeps in bizarre positions. her leg was broken when she was hit by a car many years ago, and it never healed ‘correctly.’ so it’s constantly somewhat limp.

and they are all very nice cats and VERY talkative and i love them and they are nice cats :) hooray

If you thought the Tarantuela was scary, check this out…

I imported this one half-ape from Afghanistan a looong time ago, but it was illegal to keep it here so we had to send it back… for shame, I wonder what he’s up to. I hope he’s not getting into trouble…


here is another half-ape

:huh: <_< C’mon guys… this is funny but is also starting to be boring… go create a new thread, name it “I STILL feel like joking about politics” and post those (Funny) pics there :mellow: :)

About the “pet” thread…

She is Akira. It’s a male name, I know, but I thought it would fit perfectly… (“akira” is a name that comes from Japan that means “Intelligent”)

She’s young, dynamic, smart and funny… and doesn’t seems to be afraid of water like most of her kind. The opposite, she’s used to come in the bathroom when I take a shower and loves to sit in the sink. Often she wants me to open a little of water for her to drink/play with it :P
When I found her in the park behind my place she decided I was her new father probably… and since that day used to sleep near to me and cheer me with every kind of purrr-purrrr.

Now she’s almost adult… but still, sometimes a thunder or something else scares her and she still comes to refuge to me in a hurry, at that point she doesn’t seem to be so self confident anymore… :)

This peculiar colour is said to belong to Spain (!? anyone can confirm this?)
I found her last year, in the beginning of summer… so I guess she’s 1 years old now…


Sorry Parsec, you’re right, but I couldn’t resist :rolleyes:

No probz :rolleyes: I understand :P
Not that I don’t like the pics… just place em where it’s more appropriate…
open a thread and name it “Counter-Propaganda” :lol:

And by the way… great thing to see so many nice animals!
From the spider to that lovely Cannelle sleeping… all of them… not to mention the personal comments like Gwylim’s irresistibly funny personal notes

Any other pet? :huh: Can’t believe we’re done already!

You should have named her Shakira then… that must be the female counterpart of Akira, right?? :)

Solbjørg aswell! :D Extremely cute cat, indeed! And she got a very funny expression in her face on that picture! :lol:

Not the brightest animal on this planet… And in contrary to what you’d expect from this kind of animal, the bird is not musical at all… :)

I gave it a smoke so it would stop shrieking… I think I’ve lost my hearing in the high range because of my feathered friend here… ;)

Wrong :P
Shakira is an arabian name and means: “Woman full of grace
Akira means “Intelligent” and comes from Japan

different origin… no counterpart…
oh well… whatever… :huh: :lol:

…It was a joke… :) Although my arabic skills are not what they should be…

supah topic revamping!

this is Mucca:

“Mucca” means “cow” in italian. He is male, however :) We simply called him like this since he was born, because he really looked like a cow and we did not know if he was a male or a female:

well I actually don’t know if he is going to stay with us: his mother is a stray dog we found when she was already pregnant, and she simply escaped one day, leaving us in a mess with her 4 sons, of which we luckily managed to give away 3.

Mucca is the only one which remained with us, but we would like to give him away to someone with a yard or soemthing like that, because he is going to grow quite big and we would not like to bound him into an apartment.

anyway… :wub:

Here is my dog Shellie. 14 years old. A demon of a dog but I love her to death.

And this is my pet rat, Ratatui. She is awsome. Some times when I let her roam around the desk when I am playing LOTRO or messing around with Renoise, she falls asleep on top of my monitor.

And another cat… “Jessi”. :)