Pgdn/pgup Vs. F9,f10,f11,f12

Labeling under “preferences->pattern->jump to (0,16,32,48) row” is a bit misleading. f9,f10,f11,f12 are set by derfault to jump to 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the current pattern length. However, using pgup/pgdn is fixed to moving steps of 16. I would think pgup/pgdn should work like f9,f10,f11,f12 by jumping 1/4 pattern forward/backward… that way it’s useful for different speeds and what not.

If the default pgup/pgdn step-size could be adjustable in the preferences and a combination of ctrl-pgup/pgdn could be set to jump 32 (or twice the preferences value) steps instead of 16, the F9, F10, F11, F12 keys would be freed for other purposes.

We did make that change some years ago. But so many ppl hated it, so it went back to 16 steps.
For people using large patterns the 0,1/4etc jumps are quite useless.

ahh. That makes sense. Be it my luck that I use Speed 2 with 12 rows/beat, doh!

+1 to Vv’s idea… maybe someway we could set the step?

Maybe it could be a keyboard shortcut, so you could set it to [ctrl/alt/shift] pgup/down if you want.

i always use 16rows but when i’m doing track in 3/4 i get mad (because i need 12), so surely adjusting PG UP/DN jumping would be really nice…

I also think it would be nice to be able to set the pgUP/pgDN value.
I mostly use patterns of 96 length and 4/4 music, so 16 is not that useful.