Phatmatik Windows > Mac Os

hey guys,

i switched from windows to a macintosh recently and when i want to import some old tracks i get errors because of “phatmatik” (a beatslicer plugin). in windows the vst is listed in renoise as “izotope phatmatik pro” and in mac-renoise its just “phatmatik pro” - so of course renoise states that it couldn’t load the instances of “izotope phatmatik pro”.

smart as i am :rolleyes: i thought i go into the .xml file and rename the vsti name, but after saving it with the mac os texteditor renoise says “this song was saved with a newer version of renoise” (i used 1.9 on windows and 1.9 now on mac).

any suggestions?

thanks in advance

Looks like you are using 1.9.1 on Windows and 1.9.0 on Mac. Simply try to download the 1.9.1 release from the backstage and try to load the file again please…