Phrase Editor issues/questions

In the phrase editor, is there any way at all to play the phrase while hearing the metronome? Metronome goes silent for me while playing phrase from within the phrase editor.

Second question is, any way to loop a phrase while playing from within phrase editor?

Metronome is associated with the main transport, not the phrase. So, phrase playback should not affect the metronome at all.

At least, if I have the metronome going, it doesn’t matter if I trigger a phrase from the phrase editor or via MIDI keyboard.

But I guess you’re using SPACE to stop playback? This will indeed stop the main transport and thus, also the metronome.

Instead, I would suggest you use the phrase playback button (Return), which toggles between start/stop or assign the (by default unassigned) dedicated shortcut to stop phrase playback.

Also, phrase looping should apply to playback and is controlled with the phrase editor toolbar - perhaps it was simply disabled for your phrase?