Phrase Editor MIDI input?

I guess I miss some settings here. How do I use my MIDI keyboard to insert notes in the Phrase Editor? The computer keyboard works as expected. Boy I love this thing!

Midi keyboard is currently not routed through to the phrase editor, so the clicky keyboard currently is the only way.
A suggestion to allow this by a different shortcut for recording (and a different border color to indicate the different recording mode) has been submitted though.

…but, you can always record in an empty pattern and copy/paste to the phrase screen, that works.

Ah, ok, thanks to both of you!

In Renoise itself:yes. In Redux you can’t rely on that trick if your Host ain’t Renoise :P

Ah, but i only have a vague idea of what redux is, as of yet…can’t wait to see what it’s capable of doing…!!

I can’t wait to see of what it might become capable of doing ;)

I miss the MIDI input in the phrase editor as well. Is there a way to automate pitch / modwheel in the phrase editor?

Registerd Renoise yesterday and tried playing with the phrase editor just now… Not being able to use my MIDI keyboard to enter notes is really a bummer :/. I expected the phrase to trigger when edit mode is off and being able to enter notes when it’s on. Having to switch to the keyboard is akward and not really an option for me. Is it going to be thhis way for the 3.0 final?

Recording phrase notes by midi input has been removed during the Alpha stage because the midi keyboard was frankly working on everybody’s nerves (simply because it did not work as expected and it couldn’t be programmed differently or easily to make it work as assumed).
Bottomline:midi note data can either be used for adding or playing single notes or playing the phrase but not both (regardless if edit mode is on or off), all voted for playing the phrase since that is also more important during live situations.
So for phrase editing, the computer keyboard is the only way and frankly also the fastest:You can instantly test your phrases with your midi keyboard while altering with your pc keyboard.
It takes a while to adjust though, i’ll give you that, but i do not experience that as ackward.

You should see my setup, it’s pretty awkward here ;)/>. As I’m not using Renoise to perform live, I’m looking at it purely from a composing pov. I barely touch the keyboard when using Renoise to be honest, it’s fairly out of reach. I was pleasantly suprised at how most features are easily mapped to a MIDI controller. Frankly, it was one of the selling points. So I’m still hoping that a workable solution for the PC keyboard shy users can be found :)/>.

Nothing is impossible when cooking with Lua. I might try and rewrite the old multi-track recording tool i made in the past to allow it to forward midi keyboard notes to the phrase editor, but prepare to start enabling the OSC server, cause it won’t work without it and it requires to change a channel number at least or use a different midi device as when you will be using the same device, you would otherwise add notes and play the phrase at the same time which does not really sound like an enjoying feature.