Phrase Map Phrase Editor

Suggestion might not make sense, its always a coin flip.

Anyhow, the scenario…

Make a bunch of building block presets of single shot rhythmic units.

1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 and so forth…

Load presets into Instrument and start combining single shot rhythmic units into phrases.

This method is already possible,
except you have to use the pattern editor for the single shot rhythmic unit.

The Phrases method seems like it would be expansive, organized, and less
bloated than the Pattern Editor method of saving a template of, for example,
35 patterns of single shot combinable rhythmic units.

Bump with xrns example.

The usual suspects of cut, copy, paste functions in the Phrase Map would be nice.

This is basically the type of workflow I’m trying to introduce inside Phrases.

Instructions for workflow…

  1. Pattern 7 through 13 are looped which have a pattern length 0f 1 (total of 07 patterns).

  2. Go to Pattern Sequencer and stay there

  3. Go to pattern 7 and press play

  4. Switch patterns 7 - 13 to pattern “4” which will give you 1/4 note.

  5. Now you have a total of 7 1/4th notes.

  6. Experiment with combining patterns 0 through 6 within the 7 through 13 loop.

  7. After you find a loop you like, select 7 - 13 and “Make Unique”

  8. Making it unique means patterns 0 through 6 remains untouched for later use.