Phrase Playback ON, shouldn't regular sample play be disabled?

So regular keymapped samples can still be triggered from regular pattern blocks regardless of if the Phrase Playback button is ON or OFF.

Wouldn’t if make more sense to disable keymapped sample playback when Phrase Playback is ON? In this way the keymapping for phrases and regular samples would not be overlapping each other. It just seems logical that for a sampler you are either going to use it in the regular manner, without using phrases, or you are going to use phrases.

Allowing both sample keyzones and phrases to be played independently gives you the best of both worlds, and actually allows for a huge amount of flexibility and variety to be packed into a single instrument. For example, you could have a drum kit instrument with the single sounds mapped over one octave, and then some drum rhythm phrases mapped on another octave. This lets you have a single instrument playing a backing rhythm phrase, while also letting you jam on top with single sounds. This is pretty bloody awesome, in my opinion, and I don’t see any reason why this should be restricted.

If you’re only interested in using phrases, then the phrases will always override the sample keyzone mappings anyway. For example, if you have a snare sample mapped to C-4, but you’d actually like C-4 to trigger a phrase instead, then simply map a phrase to C-4 and this will replace it. Nothing clashes or overlaps here in terms of playback, ie. you will not actually hear both the snare sample AND the phrase being played together.

I guess that makes sense. I just got mightily confused yesterday when I was making phrases of multiple instances of a drum break sample, all routed through different effect chains. I just assumed the sample triggering would be off and only the phrases be played, and couldn’t understand how the break was sometimes playing without FX.