Phrases in Sampler Tab... Why?

Why are phrases in sampler tab?
Plugins use them also so they should have individual tab imho.

Just a small thing because current solution indicates that phrases are for samples only.

Last time I checked, the phrase tab is present across all instrument tabs: sampler, plugin, midi.

But you are right - it does have a special status since it’s actually shared across the entire instrument, which might not be obvious if you’re casually glancing at the sampler.

Question is, how could this “phrases is a global instrument aspect” be strengthened without wasting too many valuable pixels?

And, another question (slightly off-topic, but prompted by this topic): What do you think should happen when the Show/Hide Phrase Editor shortcut is triggered while in the pattern editor/mixer tab?

Because, right now those tabs just loose focus, which is kind of dumb…My workflow involves the Detach Instrument Editor shortcut (Alt+D), possibly followed by Alt+R to quickly view/edit a phrase. Which is OK, but … well, I digress :slight_smile:

Am i dumb?
I was sure that phrases werent in plugin tab when i created this question but it is here. So no big problem here even if you are right