Phrases, Midi routing, Rewire and Ableton

Hi all.

So, just got Renoise and started seriously trying to work with it, got a few noob questions.

I’d been demoing Redux as a plugin in Live, but decided that I’d be better off with Renoise for because I want to slice and recombine multiple funk/soul/disco samples and I think I’ll need multiple instruments to do this effectively. My workflow had been slicing, building a phrase and playing it back using a live clip with a single note to trigger the appropriate program. Was trying to replicate this using rewired Renoise, but just haven’t been able to figure it out.

I’m not sure I’m really getting midi routing in rewired Renoise - audio out works perfectly. What I was trying to do is to set up midi tracks in ableton transmitting to Renoise midi in on channel 1 to track 1, channel 2 to 2, etc. From there - coming from a Logic/Live background - I thought that track 1 would trigger instrument 1, etc. Clearly doesn’t work that way, however.

I understand that you can assign a note to an instrument in the tracker using C4-00, C4-01, etc. But is there a way to ensure that an incoming midi note on a particular rewire channel triggers a particular instrument?

The next question is how best to route midi over rewire from my Push to a Renoise instrument for phrase/pattern building, etc? I had thought that I’d need to set up an ableton track channel sending midi to on a particular channel which I would route to a Renoise track and from there to an instrument, but this again hasn’t worked out as expected. In general, midi coming from the Push through Live seems to always point at the current track, rather than the one I’ve aimed it at.

Another small thing, for some reason the audio routing I’ve set up for instruments in the track selector doesn’t seem to stay in place - assigning instrument 0 to track 1, instrument 1 to 2, but they always seem to find a way to swap around or both end up on the same channel. Not a huge issue given that I’m just running the master out into live, but confusing.

Also been using the midi manager tool to try to do some of this - it’s for an older version, but seems ok, except that when I reopen it, my assignments seem to have defaulted to current track.

Final thing (for now…), I’ve had no problem routing midi out of rewired Renoise to external synths and back in to Live using an IAC channel, but I seem to be getting every note the tracker’s playing. Is there a way to just have the output of a single track routed this way. Really enjoying the workflow, would like the possibility of using Rewire to sequence external gear, but also to be able to save the patterns as midi clips in live for final tweaking before bouncing stems to mix in Logic.

Sorry if this is all very obvious, have read the manual, watched youtube clips, searched the forum but still haven’t cracked it. My current workaround is to ditch phrases and work in patterns while doing my chops, and to just bump midi parts on to a pattern on their own for transmission to Live. Will work out fine if that’s how I have to do it, although I suspect that there’s a more elegant way that I just haven’t figured.

Renoise has been on my radar for a while now, demoing Redux opened my eyes to just how powerful the sample tools are - tbh if I’d been a little more patient I probably would’ve learned that Redux alone could do everything I’m looking for. Either way, I’m happy to have Renoise as an alternative to Live and Logic, not just as a plugin.

Kudos to the devs, tool builders and all y’all.

The MIDI input panel allows you to decide which port/channel/key range should control what instrument, and what track it gets triggered on.
Unless I’m mistaken, that should work with Rewire as well - but then, I hardly ever use this feature.

As for the track/audio routing jumping around - you are using plugins or sample based instruments, or a combination of both? Because, plugins have their routings specified in the plugin tab while Renoise instruments have it in the sampler/effects tab. For both plugins and built-in instruments, the default choice is ‘output to current track’, so you always need to specify this.

Which sort of brings me to the MIDI manager tool: it’s really nice, but also has become a bit outdated. Needs to reflect features in Renoise that have arrived since it got published. Hm… Maybe I will find the time to do so :slight_smile: