(Piano House) Bossa Bien

Bossa Bien

Music by EatMe:

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Piano House Music

made with Renoise and its internal 10 band equalizer, filtering (w/drive), compressor, maximizer (limiter), flanger, phaser, tempo-based custom envelope LFO, gaining, multiband send, and external VSTs, instruments, Sylenth1 (bass double, arpeggio 303-like), Korg M1 (big chords), Korg Mono/Poly (big chords), 1 bass strike sample, Acoustica Pianissimo (Many piano tracks), AAS LoungeLizard Session EP (many piano tracks), drums from Band-in-a-Box 2020 and sample cut up, reformed, Soul Pride, 909 Kick Drum, 2 orchestral cymbal crash samples, effects, effects, MJRotoDelay, BassChorus, DistoFX DistoCore (303 distortion), FreeVerb2, TDR Kotelnikov GE master bus compressor, 2020-03-20, Christmas Island, The Hague, The Netherlands

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