'piano Roll' Position To 'tracker' Position Reference/

Hello fellow tracker users,

I have taken the plunge and invested in Renoise today, :drummer:

This is my first Tracker and I am used to years of working with the piano roll where the value starts from 1 not 0. I was wondering if anyone had made anything, an image/graph/chart thing of a piano roll with the tracker position numbers underneath the corresponding piano roll positions.

I’m sure after a few days of playing I’ll get used to the new layout but to enable me to play quicker I would like a picture like this that I can reference to.

I could make one, but just wondering if anyone already has (also REALLY flippin tired right now so simple tasks are confusing me).

Anyhoo, look forward to conversing with you lovely tracker using humans. :yeah:

Woke up a bit, made one. May be of use to beginners making the transition (I am probably going to make more with reference to different patterns). Perhaps some people can make the switch quite easy but going from viewing by grid to inputing by number (as well as the numbers being 1 digit less) is proving to be painful for my type of brain. 3554 Screen shot 2012-08-10 at 12.23.33.png

Just don’t let the numbers confuse you too much :) I think about beats when navigating in a pattern. As you’ve probably noticed, a Renoise song has lines per beat. The beginning of each beat is with different color in pattern editor (00, 04, 08 etc.). Take a while to learn keyboard shortcuts, it makes your life a lot easier. You can jump quickly between beats in a pattern with F9-F12 or Page Up / Down. CTRL+UP/DOWN navigates patterns.

Of course, you will have to change your mind to work vertically and it might take a while. But I promise, once you get used to it, the song structure is very easy to handle. Though, there might be naturally other reasons not to use Renoise (instead of a piano roll DAW).

Hi 1j1,

Welcome to Renoise and to trackers!

I originally started on trackers, but then moved to ‘real’ music software with piano rolls. Obviously I moved back :P

One thing that greatly assisted myself when moving back was to think of each line in terms of music note duration.

For example, look at a piano roll e.g. (first result from google):

You will notice that there is a grid in the background that divides each beat into four sections. In Renoise, with a lines-per-beat (LPB) of 4 (the default) this is equivalent to the grid in the image.

Hope this helps.

Cheers guys ^_^

Hope the amount of time spent adapting is worth the pay off. I plan on continuing with mi main DAW (logic) and using renoise mainly for beats (and to do other interesting things).

How about changing the GUI Position number format to Hex instead of Dec? I know it seems weird to make it more complicated but consider this if you use 16 lines = 1 bar or even 1 beat. It can make things a lot easier as the first digit will refer to bar number and the second to position so 18 -> 28 and 3C -> 4C are 16 lines apart and much easier to read than 24 -> 48 and 60 -> 76.

hex is the key.

Welcome to Renoise… :slight_smile:

metronome… program your first few beats to the click. will make a big diff in the long run


Hey all,

Cheers for the feedback etc. :)

Metronome is helping.

I’ve just opened/started my first project in Hex. We’ll see how that goes.

Did you guys start with trackers?

Anyone who has made the transition before, how long did it take you to become comfortable/get into a fast workflow?

Well… All music takes many hours, months, and years of practice. Best thing to do is, “enjoy the journey.” Don’t worry about how long its going to take you, because Renoise is infinite… Renoise has many secrets, and you will find out about them, the more you are willing to be open minded, and practice…

I was playing a traditional instrument for many years before I started producing… I produced in other daws for about 3 years, and then I found Renoise… I think that I am learning something new… All the time I open Renoise and begin a new project…

But I think it only took about 90 days… “to begin to find a map of how to make the music in Renoise” I just don’t have a better phrase than, “find a map,” ok… lol… but 90 days… not such a long time imho


Well I’ve been using Renoise for four years now but still today it helped me to find a new perspective in my my music.
But reading the tips and tricks forum and trying everything out by yourself will help you a lot.
Another thing that helped me was practicing the keyboard shortcuts for a couple of days and then adapting them. It’s the source of mind-blowing fluent workflow.