Piano Vsti

Hi everyone, looking for a what anyone considers to be the best paino vsti out there currently. If you are using a quality commercial one and think it’s great then post back here for everyone to know.

I’m sure there are many of us who want great raw dynamic pianio sounds. I fiddled with the Edorial Orchestral piano for a while but now it’s starting to bug me. I’m willing to spend $$$ to get a great sound I can be happy with for the next 5 odd years…

Any suggestions?

gove a look at this

(works better on Kontakt2)

They are selling the Kontakt player version of that piano at eastwest soundsonline bundled with the Galaxy Steinway for $199 total at the mo:


Another great one from Native Instruments.

My friend swears by Steinberg’s The Grand.

If you are looking for some cheaper alternative, you could try the HQ Acoustic Collection for Wusikstation V2. When you click on a piano, you can listen to some examples. Maybe not the best out there, but economic. :D


I don’t like the Steinberg grand. Dont’ think it’s worth the money.

But if you want something free thats quite good get the splendid.
I love that one.


The Bovbjerg is also supposed to be good…

And 1gig thats nothing…

The black grande 18gig…48 samples per key.


And you also have the white grand…

They are supposed to be some of the best there is.

Any good free VST pianos? I am not able to use soundfonts…

I am using MDA piano and it sounds shitty in my tracks that have little backing where the shittyness really shines. :rolleyes:

Why can’t you use soundfonts? I use sfz for all of my soundfont needs.

As for a free VSTi, you can check out EVM Grand

Oh…also try PSP Pianoverb to make MDA and EVM sound a bit better.


@Sonus: SFZ sounds cheesy (at least at my setup…) and it is really not optimized. If SFZ is enabled my CPU usage increases 20%…

Sounds cheezy? Doesn’t that depend on what soundfont you play with it…
The same goes for the cpu usage…

^^ What he said.

I don’t see how a soundfont player could sound cheesy. Maybe you just have cheesy soundfonts?

rgc:audio actually claim that sfz is highly optimized.

From the FAQ:


That’s my SF-Bank…


I have the same sample CD. I bought it…what…7 or 8 years ago?

I can’t say that I still use any of those samples much anymore. Some of them are OK, but a large part of them wouldn’t be what I call “high quality”. A large part of them would even be considered “cheesy”.

Truly though, I don’t see how you can say that a soundfont player sounds cheesy. That’s like saying a Sony Discman sounds cheesy playing early 90s Ace of Base.

It’s not the discman, it’s the stuff you feed into it.


I think the new “The Grand 2” is fantastic. Two different pianomodels and you can emulating everything from damper pedal sounds to endless different rooms and lot of other things aswell.


Sure, it costs money, but it still cost less than Akoustik Piano and Galaxy Steinway and what I have read The Grand 2 shal also be less cpu intensive than borth of thouse two.

Bosendorfer 290 costs about the same as The Grand 2 but still hasn’t as many possibilities as The Grand 2… So my choise is still the grand 2 even if some people in this thread didn’t seemt to like the previous version (the grand)…

Too big? For “just” a piano? Wierd? It’s multi-layered to catch all the beautiful differences when playing at different velocities. I’ve seen a couple piano patches that hit 2 gigs. I think it’s worth the money to buy something like that if you are a pianist who simply doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a real piano or if you don’t have the room for one in your place.

For the price of NI’s acoustic piano, a guy may as well spen another $200 and just buy kontakt and it’s library though.

Another good freeware Piano and E-Piano.
4front Piano and E-Piano