Pianoteq Available For Linux

If you are in need for a good modelled piano, you could give Pianoteq a try; I used quite a lot in my recent piano tunes. Also, I have bought it at version 2.0 and I still get free updates now at 3.03.

The real news about it is that a Linux native VST (edit: it’s not VST, it’s standalone executable, to be linked to Renoise thorugh JACK) version has just been released, so having the penguin is no more an excuse! ;)

Cool, I’ll try it out! Thanks for link ;)

Thanks for the heads up :D

thanks for the link.

a question though : the trial version doesn’t seem to include the vst, does it ?
I’ve downloaded it and the standalone runs fine and sounds really good, but I can’t find a file (.so) that i could put into my vst directory so that I could use it in renoise.
is it included in the full version ?

You probably have to link it through Jack…

On linux they are not really used to load plugins from within applications.

yes, you have to use the JACK backend. I thought a VST version was available, but in fact it’s not. However, I have asked on the forum if there are any plans for a VST release.

alright thanks

please let us know if there are any news about a vst release

Pianoteq author has replied; probably a VST version will be released soon.