Pictures For The Soul

Since this community is a creative kind, here’s a few pics I’ve stumbled across just recently. It’s some artist from Netherlands. Each picture has some sort of short message with it. I kinda liked it, so.


We are living in a time where we often have the feeling that everything is speeding up. The time, our lives and sometimes we feel that things are slipping through our fingers. Letting go is an important theme now. We are in Transformation, just like the Earth. The energy of ‘Transformation’ helps us remember that we are growing towards a higher consciousness and that the side effects to this are normal. The only thing we need to do is surrender, so that side effects such as exhaustion, insecurity and fear can be released.


The energy of ‘Infinity’ helps you remember that you are powerful beyond measure when you create from the inside out. The power of creation is endless when you dare to let go of all your boundaries and limitations.


Many speak of Unconditional love, of unconditional Being. This is a beautiful intention. However, for us humans - with accompanying programmes - it seems almost impossible to share in Unconditional love. Yet this is the energy our soul is longing for. To experience and share this we should first develop unconditional love towards ourselves. After all, often we have so much self criticism. The energy of Unconditionality will help us in the process of getting closer to ourselves and develop unconditional love for ourselves.


The energy of Trust will help you understand that trusting yourself, your own truth and your own heart is your truth. Don’t doubt yourself, have trust in knowing that you are feeling what is right.


Often we are searching comfort outside ourselves. We are looking for fulfilment from people around us to feel Comfort. This will give us a sense of security. But too often we discover that this is in fact an illusion, because it is not equal. The energy of Comfort brings you closer to your own Self, so that you won’t need anyone to experience this and find comfort within yourself. Then you can share in equality without ignoring yourself to feel protected.


Time is speeding up and so is the evolution of mankind. By heightened frequencies, which occur during the transition of the third via the fourth to the fifth dimension, the confirmation of our thoughts is also accelerating. The energy of Creation brings us closer to our heart so that we will learn how to create more purely what we really want to manifest.


The energy of Conversion lets you experience that you have the possibility to manifest whatever it is that you want, since power of thought works faster than ever. When you create from the inside to the outside instead of from the outside to the inside. Because true power comes from within.


Synchronicity shows you that your life is a mirror; it reflects which patterns you are experiencing, where you are going and what you are creating. The energy of Synchronicity helps you to clearly see the symbols that will cross your path in life. As a mirror it reflects where you are now so that you can adjust your choices in a more conscious way if you wish to do so.

The artist supposedly uses ‘crop-circles’ as a source of inspiration for his pictures.

The rest of the pictures, as well as some info about the artist, can be found here, and here, and there are also coolwallpapers of the same kind.

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Very interesting artworks. Thanks for sharing.

Intresting stuff. Some of those pictures (creation for example) really stand out


sacred geometry is the underlying basis of all of these. this is also very intriguing to me, as i believe its the fundamental of realities prostruction.