Pictures Of Me Naked On A Beach In Australia


…Actually I’m here just to show off how much I like my new HS80M monitors and my new Renoise T. :P :drummer: Bring on the inane stupid mind reducing comments!!!

your studio is probably worth more than my whole house :)

and it also consumes more electric power :)

I love the way you have neatly hidden the cables :w00t:

Hahaha! Wicked man, congrats and enjoy :D

yai for cables!

its even better IRL

hehe, funny shit, sexy boy!

great man,congrats,i really need to start saving up for some decent speakers

And now the pictures for the Wet T-shirt contest.

Nice set up!

and nice new monitors!

I like what you have done with your hair!

Nice gear too…

edit: how do you get it so soft and shiny…?

Washing it?

nice mandelbrot

Wash and condition once every two days. Brush daily. Keep the ends trimmed every 4 odd months.

More on the speakers:…nd-a-renoise-t/

image does not match description

well spotted Mushen

As if you really wanted to see foo? naked on a beach in australia.

nice drape on the wall, i want one!

The OP must have life with music. I’m envious.